Proud to be a PCAGOEr

Almost two months ago, I finally got the courage to apply for membership to the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy.

*The PCAGOE is a global group of polymer clay artists united through, which is a marketplace for all kinds of handmade goods. Our members create fine art and fine craft, including decor, jewelry, wall art, and functional objects.

This guild is also called a Street Team on Etsy, and street teams are actively engaged in getting the word out about and the value of buying handmade goods directly from the maker. Etsy is a shopping site for all kinds of handmade goods. Artists and buyers can come together in a shopping and selling community forum, and in general there is a more personal touch to the shopping experience because buyers are communicating directly with the maker of their goods.

I've been admiring the members' works for years, but I didn't apply sooner because I didn't feel worthy. I'm glad I finally summoned the guts to apply - I've never found a friendlier, more inspiring group. I felt star-struck as I joined the forums, what with the ranks of uber talented people, internationally acclaimed teachers and published artists whose works have appeared in books and magazines. Being part of PCAGOE makes me want to work my butt off all the more, and take my art to a higher level.

But the best part for me is definitely feeling the support, camaraderie, encouragement, and respect in the guild. I look forward to visiting the forum everyday, even just for idle chatter.


Marcia P. said…
I have to agree. PCAGOE is a great group of clay artists, growing by the day. We're so glad to have you on the team Angeli!
We're so proud to have you too Angeli, talented, knowledgeable and so giving. Thanks for finding us. We're lucky to have you!!
Anonymous said…
The best part of being part of PCAGOE really is the comraderie and support and encouragement you receive from other members. You have done a lot of encouraging and supporting yourself in the short time you've been with us, and you do beautiful work, too! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better and learn from you, too! Welcome to the family!
KyraByrd said…
Angeli, I'm so glad you finally joined us and told your story-
I hope your story can inspire other polymer clay etsy'ers, because we welcome everyone. You don't have to be a famous, published polymer clay artist to be part of the group, you just have to want to join us, encourage others, and improve your own skills along the way. Which you have, and will continue to do! Thanks for being a member!
Iris Mishly said…
Angeli, you are so nice to us all! thank YOU for joining US :)

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