Why we decided to enroll under a homeschool provider

If you're planning to homeschool, you have different options: enroll with a provider or go independent.

• Enrolling with a homeschool provider means you partner with a DepEd-accredited school that provides accredited homeschooling solutions. You are provided with a curriculum, and you comply with the provider's requirements and schedules. Your children will be provided with school records and a learning Reference Number (LRN), just like they would if they were enrolled in conventional school. Enrolling with a provider means you have to pay tuition fee. How much will depend on the provider. In exchange, they process all the records needed by DepEd. They also provide support and training for parent-teachers, and a diagnostic assessment for the student.

• Going independent means you are not connected with a DepEd-accredited school. You will be responsible for record-keeping and complying with DepEd's requirements. If you go this route and decide to enter conventional schooling later on, your child will need to take a DepEd-administered exam (PEPT or A&E). Going indie also means you don't have to pay tuition fee.

Bi-annual portfolio review with our family advisor, Teacher Vye, at one of our provider's hubs.

When we started officially homeschooling five years ago, we decided to enroll under a provider.

Here are the reasons why we didn't go independent:

1. I really felt that I needed guidance, since this was all new to me. It felt overwhelming. I needed a hand to hold, and I knew that a provider will be able to give me the support I was looking for.

2. I was scared (still am) that I might slack off if I don't get the external pressure of a quarterly or biannual check-in with an adviser.

3. I didn't want to have to deal with DepEd requirements (like records and grades) if we decide to enroll in conventional school later on. The provider will process this for me. How PEPT worked was not clear to me that time, and I was worried that things and requirements might suddenly change, so going indie felt like a big risk to me.

Deciding to homeschool is a personal choice for each family. What may have worked for us may work differently for you. 

Sit down as a family and figure out your why's and non-negotiables before you take the plunge. I hope my recent posts about homeschooling have been helpful for you.

(This is a series of posts about homeschooling in the Philippines, originally posted on my personal Facebook account.)


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