Craft room update

Let's take a quick break from the Homeschooling FAQs series and take a sneak peek into my craft room.

Early this year, after the havoc of the Taal Volcano eruption, my husband upgraded my craft room by adding more shelves! 

It was a welcome breath of fresh air after two weeks surrounded by ash! 

Isn't he so sweet? 😍 It felt like that scene in Beauty and the Beast where Belle gets a library!

Some of my planners, journals, and stickers.

Hello, Happy Planner stickers! 

I decided to display my stickers right where I can always see them, instead of just storing them in a box somewhere. They add a dash of joy to the room. 🎉 I've had this wooden mail sorter for a while now, and recently figured out that it would be a perfect way to organize my sticker books vertically against the wall like that! Don't you just love it when things fall into place?

Under the counter is where I keep papers and supplies out of sight. I felt so accomplished after organizing this cabinet - it used to be a dark dungeon overflowing with paper clutter.  All the papers are sorted by type - photo paper, sticker paper, board/kraft paper, regular bond paper, scratch paper (packed in an old Paper One wrapper so they're not an eyesore). The ink for my printers are corralled in a tray. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Marie Kondo would be so proud of me! 😂 

And I am proud to say that even after 5 months, the shelves and this cabinet is still neat and tidy! Yay, me!

Little Moon the Beadbaby in my craft room. She's grown so tall!

I finally have a well-organized, working craft room that isn't just a dumping ground for my craft supplies.  So in love with my craft space! And super grateful to my supportive husband. 

I guess he also likes this space so much - he has been occupying it the entire quarantine season! 😅 It has become his work station since March 16.

We're organizing this little girl's playroom next!


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