Handmade Pilipinas is back

Handmade Pilipinas is back on track! I finally got around to interviewing creative individuals whose stories we can all be inspired by. I will be showcasing Filipino creativity and ingenuity from across different industries, in a series of posts called Handmade Confessions.

Join me as I get to know more about fellow creatives, what goes on behind the scenes in their businesses, and what runs through their minds while creating their masterpieces.

Our first featured artist is a hands-on mom and housewife who is one of my favorite polymer clay artists. Can you guess who? Watch out for my next Handmade Pilipinas post to find out!


Aileen Kim said…
can't wait to meet all these wondeful, artistic, crafty Pinoy indivs!
Anonymous said…
i guess it's Ms. Rocky
Angeli said…
You guessed right!

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