I'm 23, tsk. (and Angeli's Art Beads is turning 1!)

I'm a year older. tsk. If only we could all stay sixteen! haha. Thanks to everyone who texted, sent a pm, emailed, you guys made my day! :) I'm very mababaw, so it's not hard to make me smile.

sorry di ako nakapagreply sa iba (gixywixy, brends, tita babes, ateen), my phone gave up on me! :( The phone's number 2 button doesn't work anymore, then it went dead. waaaaaa.

Anyways, Angeli's Art Beads is turning 1! I know, i know, i started this in college pa. But it was simply a hobby that was paying for itself back then. It was last year lang when I decided to do this full time, to turn it into a real business. Read about it here: http://beadlady.multiply.com/journal/item/33/Taking_the_plunge

So officially, we're turning 1 on April 21! Yey!


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