The Young Writer's Workshop

My daughter Amara Luna is a voracious reader. We've been supporting this interest, slowly building her a library at home throughout the years (because there are no good libraries near us). And because of this love for stories, she started writing her own at 7 years old, and moved on to writing fan fiction a few years back. 

Now she is writing her own fantasy novella. I want to support her at this young age, even if nothing comes out of this first writing attempt. But even with my writing background, I feel I am ill-equipped to guide her on this journey. At 12, she writes better than I did when I was already in highschool.

So I've been praying about it, wondering if there was any class out there that can help guide her. I don't exactly remember how I stumbled upon the mailing list, but a few weeks ago, I found a newsletter in my inbox, announcing the enrollment for Young Writer's Workshop. 

It was an answer to my prayers! It's a self-paced workshop chock-full of info and support for budding writers as young as 12, and more amazingly, it was Christ-centered! The lessons go beyond the basics - it is assumed you already know how to write, and you're ready to take it seriously. These young writers are taught about writing as a discipline - how to show up everyday even when uninspired, how to keep motivated, etc. 

Most importantly, they are encouraged to use their gifts to honor and glorify God, and to submit to his will. As I go through some of the lessons and posts in the program, I am in awe of how God has orchestrated things so that we found a great program for my daughter. I had to scrounge up some funds to enroll her and we almost didn't make it, but God provided. 🥹

Sobrang ganda ng program, nakakaiyak. God's word intertwined in most of the lessons! A wholesome, inclusive, and encouraging community of youngsters! And knowledgeable instructors who give equal weight to character and academics. I was only looking for a writing class, but God gave us so much more. 🥹

And as if that's not enough, Ally will get to meet one of her favorite authors, SD Smith, in a group zoom call tomorrow! What a treat! I am so excited for her! 

How gracious and generous our loving Father is, to  know what is in our hearts, and to bless us with more than we desire. We praise God and give thanks!

We pray that Ally is able to be a good steward of this blessing. We pray for discernment and focus as she manages her time between academics and extracurriculars. And we are looking forward to how God will guide and use her in this journey. 🙏


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