A class with the Queen of Hearts

I've been in awe of Tejae Floyde's encased hearts ever since I saw them in Polymer Clay Daily many years ago.  I couldn't figure out how she made them, they were so intriguing! Well a few weeks ago, I was finally able to enroll in her online class.  This was my little reward for myself for finishing my article!

So far, I've only tried making an encased heart once. No time to clay yet. I'm not too happy with how it turned out - the textures aren't any good, and I botched up the paint job. I don't quite get yet how to achieve that painterly effect Tejae Floyde's hearts are well-known for.

Hopefully, I get it right the next time. The great thing about this class is you can view it at your own pace. I watch a few minutes of it at night while the baby snoozes, pause the video when it's time to nurse. When she doesn't go back to sleep, I watch the video whenever I have free time.

The downside is you only get to watch it 12 times - they put a limit as a safeguard for piracy I guess. So I hope I can nail the texturizing and coloring before my views run out!


Angeli, what a wonderful first heart! You should be proud, my first one was quite sad. Yours looks great! Thank you for the kind words.

Oh and by the way, craftartedu has changed their policy, you can view classes as long as you want, there is no limit. If you haven't signed in lately or set up an account do it, and you'll see your classes all together in your dashboard, easy access to them to view over and over. :)

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