Kato Polyclay now available in the Philippines!

I am so excited to announce that my stocks of Kato Polyclay have now arrived! If you are a polymer clay artist from the Philippines, you have to check this out! You can order here. The clays are fresh from the Kato factory - not old stock bought from clearance sales - so you can be sure it's not hard and brittle.

I prepared a starter kit which includes all 17 colors of Kato, plus a jar of Repel Gel, a bottle of Kato Clear Medium, and one NuFlex Blade.

This is a great year for local polymer clay artists! More and more supplies are now available locally. When I was starting out, the only option I had was to ask relatives living in the US to buy me supplies (thank you for all the support titos and titas, hehe). I used to wait months for the clay to arrive! Now Kato is right here in Manila, so go buy a bar to try!


That is excellent news! I will be sure to let my followers from the Philippines know.
Ria said…
How much for that package? or how much for a block of clay?
Anonymous said…
Excuse Me But How much ids the Starter Kit and How much per Block of clay???? Please Answer Back... Thanks =)
Anonymous said…
I have a Daughter who would like to try this but I would like to know how much is the starter kit and for per block of the clay????? Thank you and I hope you Answer Back!!!!!!

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