Polymer clay and brass filigree

It's hard to make polymer clay pieces look luxurious.

I found that one way to lend polymer clay that classy look of "real jewelry" is to combine it with metals. You don't need expensive gold or sterling silver.

Here I used inexpensive raw brass filigree to set simple clay medallions. I call these my Moroccan-inspired collection.

More photos on flickr.


Sara said…
just gorgeous! take a look at my crafty blog, i think you'll like it!
I love what you made! They really do have a Moroccan look to them. Lovely!
frogfunk said…

Just wanted to know if you can also procure chains from Wellmansons at Quiapo.

Angeli said…
Thank you Sara!

Hello Cindy! It means a lot coming from you. :) Thanks!

Hi frogfunk! No they are not available in Quiapo. But they are available from The Beadlady at Cubao Expo. :)
Unknown said…
hi love you work , and i really want to know , what kind of clay did you use to make brass Filigree look really gold ,and nice ,,,,,love it

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