An Apple a Day Project

Most days, my mind is filled to the brim with ideas for my jewelry. But there are nasty dry spells, days when I can't seem to find the inspiration to pick up my clay and create. When a dry spell hits, I spend the whole day napping. I can sleep for 24 hours straight! Talk about unproductive.

Since crafting is my livelihood, I simply can't have dry spells, or else I'll starve!

So today, I resolve to start my Apple project. As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. In my case, one project a day will keep the nap monster away. So everyday, I need to force myself to create at least one thing to sell. One apple. And not just any apple - it should be something new, something I've never made before.

Let's hope my Apple Project helps my dry spells.

Here was my Apple of the Day yesterday:

I've never made an all-black piece before, so this is a refreshing addition to my collection. The pendant is made of black clay with an intricate gold pattern. The "chain" is made of rough acrylic beads linked together by eyepins, and is finished with a simple black cord.

I need to make another Apple today, because that one's for yesterday.


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